Inspired by the life and example of Mother Veronica, the Carmelite sisters reach out to the people, particularly the youth through education and faith formation in schools, colleges, welfare centres, etc. by employing formal and non-formal techniques.

AFRICA (Centrally Governed House)

The year 1991 was eventful for the congregation of the Apostolic Carmel, as it launched its mission in East Africa-Kenya. Sister Mariella, the former Superior General accepted the pressing invitation of Msgr. Nicodemus Kirigma , the Archbishop of Nyeri to run a residential Secondary School for the Natives. This was materialised when the Sisters took charge of the Sacred Heart Girls' School in Kiganjo.

The seed-foundation of the Apostolic Carmel in Kiganjo, in Nyeri District, took root and gave birth to the establishment of a similar school named Mt. Carmel School in Gathugu in Karatina District, in the year 1993. After a couple of years, the mission expanded to Nairobi, the capital city of Africa. In the year 1995-96 a High School was opened at Buru-Buru through the gernerousity of Cardinal Ottuga of East Africa. This in turn gave rise to yet other institutions - a house of formation and a Primary School called Edel Vale in the neighbouring town in the year 1999-2000.

Formation House ....... Novitiate ....... 1
High Schools ....... 2
Primary Schools ....... 2

Besides the Apostolate of Education, our sisters are engaged in parish work and social work.